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Are you frustrated with a lack of numerical growth in the congregation with which you serve? Please allow me to suggest that you contact the good folks at House to House/Heart to Heart and schedule Rob Whitacre to come and present a Personal Evangelism Seminar. He just completed one at the Madisonville Church of Christ, and I can honestly say that he has opened our eyes and changed our attitude about personal evangelism. I know that our experience with him will pay dividends in souls saved for many years to come. - Russell Kline

The Piedmont Road church of Christ in conjunction with the Marietta Campus of the Georgia School of Preaching and Bible Studies recently had Rob Whitacre in for a Personal Evangelism seminar. Rob is a highly motivational speaker and you can easily tell he has a love for God and for personal evangelism. The primary method that Rob presented was Back to the Bible by Bobby Bates. I was introduced to this material about a year ago but now have a better appreciation for how to use it. Rob’s personal evangelism workbook with charts are very effective and easy to use. My wife and I just completed the three lesson study with a young lady. At the end of lesson three she decided to put on Christ as her savior and was baptized for the remission of her sins.

Our congregation now has a new found enthusiasm for personal evangelism that I have not seen in over 20 years. The Sunday evening after the conclusion of the workshop we had multiple responses to the invitation with tears and commitment to do the work of our Lord. This workshop and method of personal evangelism works and I would recommend it for every congregation of the Lord’s body.-Tim Feltner, Elder, Piedmont chuch of Christ, GA

We have  had two baptisms as a result of the "Back To The Bible" Series.

One of our Elders is teaching a class using your material on Sunday mourning adult class, there has been great enthusiasm in the lessons. also some in the class are not members of the Church and they are being taught the lessons.  – Gary Dull, Mocksville, NC

Rob Whitacre held an Evangelism Seminar for a group of congregations in the Valdosta GA in July of 2017.  His seminar was challenging to every member of the congregation but based on simple principles that the newest babes in Christ could understand. 

Not only have his efforts brought great unity to our congregations as we focus on soul winning, but they have lit a fire under countless numbers of our membership.  This is true from new converts to elders and everyone in between.  Almost daily, I have message from people in the congregation concerned Bible Studies that they are trying to set up, Bible studies that they are engaged in, or Bible Studies that they are trying to conclude.  Most of these members are good people who just never seemed to talk about sharing their faith before the weekend we spend with Rob. 

God is using Rob much like he used Paul and Apollos to “bring the increase” in His Kingdom!  Westley Hazel, Forrest Park church of Christ

Just had a Bible study with a couple using "Back To The Bible" study series. It was an awesome study. If you're looking for an easy to follow and easy to understand method to use in personal evangelism, this is it folks.  David Paden 

The most impactful seminar on evangelism in the history of this congregation. Every Church needs to schedule it as soon as possible.”  Allen Webster

I have known Rob Whitacre and his family for over 10 years.  I have found them to be an exemplary Christian family and a true asset to the kingdom of our Lord.  Rob is a sound and faithful gospel preacher whose capability in the pulpit is readily seen.  He loves the truth of God’s Word, AND he loves the precious souls of men and women around him.  These two great loves merge beautifully in the work Rob does through his personal evangelism seminars. 

Using the Back to the Bible study booklets, these seminars help train and equip God’s people to do God’s work—winning souls for the harvest!  Only recently have my family and I begun using this personal evangelism material, and we’ve been blessed to baptize two precious souls within the last month! 

Having seen the results for myself, I truly believe the personal evangelism seminars offered by Rob Whitacre hold great potential for the growth of our Lord’s kingdom.  -Cliff Goodwin, 

For those Christians wanting to be effective in reaching the lost and are looking for a tool to sharpen your approach, I cannot recommend any system better than Rob Whitacre’s seminar on Personal Evangelism.

His method is simple, yet practical and most importantly meets the Biblical expectations in fulfilling the Great Commission. Many get nervous or wonder how they can make an impact to those outside of Christ.

The insight Rob provides on how it can be accomplished is comprehensive, not to mention doable. Having sat through it myself, I can attest to how valuable it is. His enthusiasm doing the Lord’s work is contagious.

I now use Back to the Bible regularly which has resulted in several baptisms already. It is encouraging to see how people respond to what the Bible says. I’m thankful to Rob for showing how anyone can go and make disciples. – Nathan Franson

I recently had the good fortune to attend Polishing the Pulpit and heard Rob Whitacre’s five lessons on “Becoming a Soul Winner”.  I have been preaching for just over seven years, and at each of Rob’s lessons I felt myself overcome with sorrow.  The sorrow was from my realization that although I know the Bible and can present/teach it competently to the brethren, I am woefully inadequate at presenting /teaching it to those outside the Lord’s church.  

Time after time, Rob spoke of things we ought not do while studying with unbelievers and time after time I admitted to myself, “I do that”. Things like chasing rabbits (something we do with the brethren to erase doubts), telling instead of showing, allowing the unbeliever to guide the study, etc.

I came to realize that while the school had prepared me well to preach and teach the brethren, I had not learned to teach those outside (my fault, not the school’s). In short, I learned a lot about sharing the Gospel message with others (including those in the church).  I also learned a lot about myself; many things that were painful (like the problem of my pride and sometimes incorrect purposes for teaching). 

I would recommend Rob Whitacre’s lessons on “How to Become a Soul Winner” to everyone, especially preachers and Bible school teachers.   The difficulties we encounter are probably not about our Bible knowledge or love for God and others, it may be a result of our manner and method.   In Him, ​ ​Richard O. McCurdy​, Gospel Preacher