HTHSOE offers a variety of formats for our introductory lessons, seminars, campaigns, and evangelistic meetings.  Shown below are the three most popular options.  For additional options please contact us and we will work out something that is just right for your local congregation.

Seminar Topics: Principles

Let's Get Motivated: This session will relay several personal accounts of conversions. The method has worked and is still working.

Let's Stay with the Message: This session focuses on the power of the Word. We must put the Bible back into Personal Bible studies!

Let's Talk about the Manner: How do you get into a Bible Study? We will look at Jesus and how our Master Evangelist was able to develop such a large following.

Let's not Argue about the Method: It’s time to introduce Back to the Bible and demonstrate how to use it along with charts from my PE workbook.

Let’s Apply the Model: In this session we discuss difficult situations and take your questions. How does this work in my world?

Ten Ingredients for Evangelism: In this special lady’s session, Nicole will provide practical suggestions on how to apply what you have learned. This is based on her book, “Recipes for Evangelism” (ladies only).

Seminar Topics: Plan

Congregational Plan: This lesson provides a ten-thousand-foot view of turning your congregation into an evangelistic machine.

Let’s Get Started: This is a private session with the elders/preachers to provide step-by-step guidance as they begin the program.

Seminar Topics: Personal Studies

(an addition to seminars that combines training the saved and teaching the lost)

Back to the Authority of the Bible: Based on lesson one, we will focus on the authority of Christ and the difference between the Old and New Testament.

Back to the Church of the Bible: Based on lesson two, we will focus on the origin, organization, worship, and name of the church.

Back to the Salvation in the Bible: Based on lesson three, we will focus on sin, salvation, and commitment.

Believe the Bible-Affirmation of God: For those who are uncertain if God exists, this lesson will prove his existence using science and logic.

Believe the Bible--Bible Inspiration: For those who doubt the divine authorship of the Bible, this lesson will use internal and external evidence to prove it.

Believe the Bible-Christ, Who Is He: For those who doubt the existence of Jesus or just don’t know who He is, this lesson reveals Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God!

Does It MatterThis is a one-study method for unique situations. It is simple, scriptural, and successful.

Advanced Seminar Topics: Practice

(for those who have completed the seminar and want additional and specialized training)

Why Some Don’t Obey the Gospel: If they don’t obey, what should I do? Is it my fault? Who is to blame?

How to Close a Study: Closing a Bible study is the hardest part. Rob will teach the biblical art of persuasion using the love and terror of the Lord.

Jesus as the Politically Incorrect Evangelist: Some know Jesus as their Savior. Few know Jesus as an evangelist. Rob will examine lessons we can learn about effective evangelism from an encounter with Samaritan Woman (John 4).

Tips for Telling Them about Him: Rob will share what he has learned over the past twenty-five years in personal evangelism. These are simple techniques that will improve your evangelistic skills.

How to Find Contacts: Jesus said the fields are white unto harvest. Where are they? How do I find them?

Instrumental Music: Rob will teach you how to use the charts in his manual to demonstrate that vocal music is the only authorized form of worship.

Can I Be Taught Wrong and Baptized Right? Rob will use both Bible principles and examples to teach the lost about the “one” baptism.

What about My Family: Rob will reveal how to overcome family objections to Gospel obedience by focusing on the Cross.

How to Convert My Mate: The Bible approaches this topic in a very unexpected way.  Rob will teach God’s inspired plan for converting an unbelieving spouse.

7 Effective Evangelism Methods: Different situations may require different approaches.  Rob will cover 7-time tested methods and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

Evangelistic Gospel Meeting

(add these to any seminar for an evangelistic outreach)

God Saves When Man Obeys: Rob will use the Old Testament example of Naaman to teach the importance of obedience.

The Thief on the Cross: Rob will give a simple and powerful answer to the most common objection to baptism.

Are You in Christ? Rob teaches us the most powerful argument for baptism is a two-letter word.

The Lost Cow: Using a simple illustration, Rob will help the audience locate the New Testament church.

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