Seminar Topics

Let's Get Motivated:  This session will relay several personal accounts of conversions.  It has worked and is still working.  

Let's Stay With The Message: This session focuses on the power of the Word.  We must put the Bible back into Personal Bible studies!  

Let's Talk About the Manner:  How do you get into a Bible Study?  We will look at Jesus and how our Master Evangelist was able to develop such a large following.  

Let's Not Argue About the Method:  In this session we introduce:  "Back to the Bible" and demonstrate how to use it.  I provide charts and other helpful information to supplement and anticipate.

Let’s Apply The Model:  In this session we discuss difficult situations and take your questions.  How does this work in my world?

*Let’s Adopt The Right Mindset:  In this special ladies session, Nicole deals with common questions and shares the pivotal role they have in soul winning.

*Let’s Make the Application:  I sit down with elders, preaches, and deacons and provide practical suggestions on how to implement this program, and train your members.  

* New for 2018

Bonus Sessions

Back to the Authority of the Bible:  This is based on lesson one of Back to the Bible.  It not only trains Christians but it can also serve as a Bible study to those visiting. 

Back to the Church of the Bible:  This is based on lesson two of Back to the Bible.

Back to the Salvation in the Bible:  This is based on lesson three of Back to the Bible.

The bonus session can be added to those who extend the seminar into a Gospel meeting. 

Sample Flyers

Click below to view sample flyers we send to upcoming hosts to get a good idea of how a typical seminar works.